Thursday, 28 February 2013

PR that Matters

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You may have noticed in the press (wink wink!) that we recently created a logo, graphic language and website for the newly established communications agency Matter PR.

Matter PR was started by David Reid, who we’ve worked with before on various projects, so when he left to start his own thing, he naturally came back to us to help give his agency an identity.

“I had worked with tothepoint on projects at EPSRC and the Institute of Physics and was impressed by the extra effort they put into understanding their clients. They have a great knowledge of the science and engineering sector, having recently rebranded the British Science Association and The Physiological Society, and always deliver creative ideas that really resonate with your audience," says David Reid.

Whilst our starting point for the identity was ‘A PR agency that is more than public relations’, we also knew that the identity needed to resonate with science and engineering organisations.

Working with David, we chose the name ‘Matter PR’. As a word it not only suggests something of importance but also pays a nod to the science industry, as matter is the physical substance of everything. It implies that this agency creates work of substance and importance, that communication matters (clever word play, eh!).

Using the Periodic Table as our main influence, we created a logo by taking the square containing Pr, and re-appropriating it to mean public relations (Pr is actually the element Praseodymium but we don’t think they’ll mind us borrowing it…). Across the identity and the collateral, we also subtly use the common three states of matter (solid, liquid and gas) through photography, which adds vibrancy to the agency’s collateral.

By using graphics that embody and emphasise the agency’s expertise in the science sectors, we are able to give a newly established agency a bold, instantly recognisable marque.

The logo has been applied to basic stationery and promotional material, along with the website we designed and built. We used open source CMS to allow the site to be easily updated, whilst the free flowing imagery and subtle hierarchy on the homepage gives the site a more bespoke feel.

David has let us know he's received great feedback so far from his clients, and has even picked a theme song for the agency in the form of "The Elements" by Tom Lehrer.

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