Monday, 2 March 2015

Je ne sais quoi!

Bonjour! Et voici notre infolettre de janvier! And for those of you less au fait with the language of love we said "Hello! And here is our January newsletter!". Our love of language has been sparked through our recent work with L’Ecole Internationale Franco-Anglaise (EIFA), London’s premier bilingual school for children aged 3-11. This unique school's curriculum is taught equally in both French and English, which is something they were keen to reflect in their new branding.

The logo incorporates two traditional symbols representing England and France - The Lion Rampant and the Fleur-de-lys - both commonly recognised with the heritage to each country. Our illustration uses clean lines and block colour to give the two traditional symbols a more modern twist.

The layering of the colours not only show the combination of the two countries but also create the richer purple. The colours themselves are sympathetic to the current building (which is an exquisite listed building!) but are bold enough to establish a unique brand for EIFA beyond this confine.

We have then used the layering of the colours in a range of stationery templates for the brand which helps to unify the designs and strengthens the identity.

Once the logo was complete we created brand guidelines, outlining logo usage, typography and colours. On all projects we recommend guidelines as it keeps consistency and defines rules and regulations for the brand.

We have also created adverts for the prestigious French magazine Ici Londres the Educational supplement in The Guardian and Tatler magazine, to promote EIFA’s new secondary school opening in September. We have used the brand colours as a strong theme, creating bands to structure the page and build recognition.

See below the old EIFA logo and our design:

3D Reid - Hot off the 'Word'press

Award winning architects 3DReid came to us last year to elevate their website. They wanted a site that mirrors the quality of their work whilst still retaining a simple and clean style.

The site is uncluttered and gets straight tothepoint (see what we did there!) with an impactful homepage showcasing a full screen carousel of their choicest projects.

The site includes an extensive project library with a responsive masonry style layout. Dynamic filters let the viewer shuffle the deck down to their chosen category with minimum fuss and maximum effect.

With a simple menu system that allows you to reach any page in three clicks it is easy-to-navigate for users and simple to update for 3DReid. The site is also optimised for mobile so looks just as good no matter what phone or tablet you are using.

Graham Hickson-Smith, Head of Marketing & Business Development, said:

We’ve worked with tothepoint on our branding initiatives for over a decade, which means they understand the culture of the practice implicitly. The design team, led by James, quickly assimilated our vision into a practical and workable solution that delivers exactly what we wanted on day one. A clean, timeless site that is easy to update and looks fresh. It shows off our work perfectly. They continue to be a joy to work with - we don’t view the tothepoint gang as an agency, but as mates who are great at what they do.”

All built around the Wordpress framework, this site shows how the popular CMS can be a solid base for innovative web layouts and functions. And that’s the beauty of Wordpress. With the right minds behind it, a global newtwork of developers, plug-ins and support, it really can be bent to your will. It provides a malleable, future-proof system that can be moulded to suit most people’s website needs.

Visit to see the site for yourself. And if you are looking to refresh or reinvent your digital communications, give James a call or drop him an email.

Flippin February

Flipping Heck
As Shrove Tuesday descended upon London so did the sporting event of the year. That's right, you guessed it; the annual pancake race in Borough Market. Glenn, Charlie, Sarah and Will were the fortunate team that gained the honour to represent TTP (Tip Top Pancakes). The race had it all, thrills and spills and victory (sadly just not for us!). Even though we didn't win, the event was a great success and our friends at Better Bankside raised a lot of money to support Painting for Hospitals. If you want to donate here is the link

Valentines day quiz
This month's competition has come to an end. It's been emotional and we all feel that we have grown as people. The winner by a landslide is Stephen Young from The Drum. Stephen was the only person outside of this office to score the perfect ten. Look out for more updates from the quote bank in the future! The quizzes are still here if you'd like a go for fun... no more prizes...

Peas in a Pod
This month there has been a large amount of coverage regarding driverless cars coming to the roads (and footpaths) of Britain. It's good to see that our friends over at Transport Systems Catapult are championing the Lutz Pathfinder Pod, even asking us for a hand with the livery design. The Pathfinder is built in Coventry by engineering firm RDM Group and is due to hit the pedestrianised streets of Milton Keynes in the spring. Putting great innovation back into Britain has led to this design creating a lot of global media and government interest, and the designs are now being shown in Singapore this week.

Jem's Half Marathon
As you may know from our 'Challenge Charlie' events last summer we have quite a few runners here at TTP. One of our senior designers and Brighton resident, Jem, took part in the Vitality Half Marathon on the Sussex Coast. He didn't manage to beat his PB, but he did manage to overtake a runner who was competing on his 80th Birthday! 

Tweets to make you Titter
Bringing brand personality to workspaces is what we do best; most recently we've been branding offices across the pond in the Big Apple.

The use of clever typography play on the tweets' subject. By using cut vinyl it is a cost effective way to bring life to bland walls and add interest to a space. To see our work on bringing personality to the workplace, click here.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

New for News UK

The long sunny days of August seem a distant memory as we march our way through January amidst rumours of sleet and snow, however August for us marked the start of an exciting new project with the Technology and Operations team at News UK.

Technology and Operations were looking to inject some of their personality into their new space on the 6th floor of 1 London Bridge, which sits directly opposite the Shard and is part of the same London Bridge Renzo Piano Scheme.

Each team within Technology and Operations relate to different sectors of News UK’s business; ranging from digital, print, customer management and logistics, and prior to their move to 1 London Bridge they operated as silos. There was a desire for a more responsive, dynamic and communicative environment that encouraged the exchange of ideas. This gave us the hard task of creating something that could help unify the teams without loosing their independence.

The concept is grounded with the humble pixel and line. These two devices work hard to convey the technology involved in the teams, and also their collaboration. A pixel can work alone or be one part of the bigger picture, equally a line can work alone or to connect any number of people, things, places or anything you like!

To keep a sense of identity each team (there are ten in total) was associated a colour; which was applied to one of the pillars within their workspace, and a meeting room that would reflect their core message or USP. Through a series of meetings, doodles and brainstorming sessions we got to know each of the teams and how they wanted to be represented – from the customer focused CMP team to the process driven Infrastructure team. When combined the whole floor would tell a visitor the story of Technology and Operations and what they offer.

The coloured team pillars not only offered effective signposting, but also broke up the repetition and neutrality of the floor to provide a little bit of colour and personality to the work place environment.

The project is split into two stages, the first was the application of the concept to signage, pillars and meeting room exteriors to instantly provide a visual identity that held the floor together and complemented the modern interior office space with all its restrictions and many, many pillars. The second stage will look at the individual teams meeting rooms, and how their core message can be expressed.

Stage 1 is now complete and we’re poised ready for the start of stage 2. The feedback so far has been very positive from both the teams and those at higher levels, and has had the initial desired effect of creating a core concept that integrates the teams and provides a sense of identity to the floor. Stage 1 was very much about glass manifestations and vinyls whereas stage 2 will be more about bespoke artworks and installations, watch this space!

Hoarding good ideas

It only takes a quick look across the London horizon line to spot all the cranes reshaping our city, foundations go down and the structures go up all hidden behind the humble hoarding, a regularly over looked piece of the marketing materials.

Of course we don’t want to tar all hoardings with the same brush, however they don’t always reach their full potential. This canvas should be actively considered as a key part of the marketing, embodying the scheme as much as the other collateral does. 

The hoardings used for the regeneration in the Kings Cross area earn the gold star for hoardings in our books as they’re used to show exhibitions at local galleries, to provide nice areas to sit and enjoy your Metro (can any one think of any development sites that offer that?!) and there’s even a viewing tower for the extra nosey.
Our hoardings for The Francis Crick Institute are used as a chance to engage people in the work of Francis Crick and what the institute will do in the future. For the launch during the Olympics we had “busking scientists” in the area to engage with people and take the hoardings that next step further.

It can also act as your voice to the community, keeping them informed and excited about the positive effect the build will have. Using a time line to show the progression, demonstrating the schemes green credentials through a living wall, or even be used as way finding for people during the works. On a more basic level they can be something aesthetically pleasing and engaging for someone to look at as they wait for the bus! 

Working with an experienced design team will help to ensure your hoardings work as hard as they can, capturing that extra audience and everyone that comes into contact with the scheme during it’s initial stages. From large Dibond hoardings covering an entire scheme in Worcester, to window graphics for a luxury development in Budapest, our range of work in this space proves we can really get to the essence of your scheme and ensure your hoardings are working to their full potential.

Don't Quote Me On It...

Have I Told You Lately...
That we luff you, with two f's. That's why we couldn't let the month of amouré pass us by without giving away some swoon worthy prints and gifts. Our love doesn't come free though, we're going to make you work for it with a romantically themed quote bank quiz (here). We'll choo-choo-choose the winners in a heart racing, butterfly inducing prize draw consisting of the top scoring entries. Now, if you need us we'll be looking for love in all the wrong places.

The Winners Circle
We've started the New Year with some exciting news, we won a 6 way tender to brand the exhibition and lab space for the The Francis Crick Institute! With an impressive building, award winning sculpture and of course the pioneering work that will be undertaken here, the pressure is on. Having working on their hoardings a few years ago it’s great to be invited to help with their interiors. Construction is well underway just outside King’s Cross Station, with our first site visit complete we’ve started off with some cracking concepts, so watch this space.

Technical Spectacles
Wearable tech is the future so we are told, although we still need a bit of convincing to actually wear these headpieces. Tech giants Microsoft and Google have both released their own version of the new technology. The long awaited Google Glass (that arrived without many people noticing) is being “re-evaluated” this month, and it's unclear how long Google will keep supporting the venture. Microsoft on the other hand are making giant leaps into the world of augmented reality. Their new Hololens headset blends the digital and the real world into a seamless unity. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video and watch the innovation before your very eyes.

Gods Own Junk Yard 
The neon craze is in full swing, from shop signage to interior branding (some we’ve created for our clients featured here. Whilst walking through Soho last week we happened upon the pop up ‘Gods Own Junk Yard’, we say happened upon, it illuminates the street so it's hard to miss! Described as a wonderland of creativity, the late Chris Bacey’s iconic work started as signs for racy Soho sex shops but the collection grew and now the company boasts one of the largest collection of neon signs and are the oldest sign makers in London! The exhibition has ended but never fear you can still find their signs in their online, their Walthamstow shop and even in Selfridges!

And The Winners Are.....
The results from the quotebank quiz are in! After careful analysis of the scores we can announce that the winner of a day screen printing at Print Club London is another expert printer, Mr Smith. Who you may remember was featured as part of our enews a few months ago when we visited his letterpress studio! Runners up who will receive a limited edition quotebank quiz poster (some might think the better prize) are Jenni Dixon from CBRE, Lizzie Lockett from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and Scott Hart from LHK Fine Wines.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Year Ye, Year Ye

2014 has been a busy 12 months for us here at tothepoint, and as we're coming to the year end, we wanted to look at the exciting work created for clients old and new. Click the titles to read the full stories!

New Year, New Capital
New Capital was the newest product from our client EFG Asset Management and in the New Year they asked us to create an impactful identity and website for their investors. It was essential that the identity reflected the strong research, data analysis and insight that inform the selection of each investment, and which sets this fund apart.

New Depths of Design
In February we dove into design with Rockpool Investments, refreshing their identity, website and printed materials to give them a more contemporary look, whilst building on the brand's existing foundation. We also developed a strapline and a series of icons to help better define them in a crowded market place.

Turley, Madly, Deeply
In March we won a three way pitch to rename and rebrand Turley (formerly Turley Associates), who are one of the UK's biggest planners - working with equally sizeable developers such as Land Securities and British Land. With client interviews and brand workshops at board director level it was a challenging undertaking but we think the results speak for themselves and Turley has had a great response to the new look.

Building a Brand for a Building
Derwent London specialise in office regeneration and investment, and the innovative and creative approach they bring to their work is certainly close to our hearts. Earlier this year we developed the name, identity and marketing material (including a new and unusual website) for Charlotte St Studios. This has been such a success that all the spaces are now let and the site is now out of the public domain. Watch this space though as it'll be on our site soon!

IMagine That!
Our work for Transport Systems Catapult all began with our work for the Imagine Festival where we designed the brand and website for the event. This led to the creation of the IM campaign to promote intelligent mobility. We worked on a number of projects from office exteriors and interiors to animations and merchandise, plus everything in-between.

Exceeding Excellence
Each year in June the CIPR celebrate and award the cream of the crop in public relations at their Excellence Awards dinner. Each year we work on the branding and collateral for the event, and this year we embraced the disco ball!

Thinking Logically
July flew past us, as we started working with News UK's News Logistics on their brand and interior workplace, with a turnaround time of 8 weeks from brief to completion. We managed to agree the naming as well as design, artwork, and install the new brand with interior graphics for their ‘News Logistics’ division, on time and on budget. It's fair to say that it was a busy couple of months!

Tickled Pink
Following on from refreshing their website earlier in the year, in August we saw our local area through rose tinted specs, and that’s a good thing! We helped Better Bankside refresh their brand and launch their 2015 BID campaign, which included their ballot proposal book, an invite, leaflet, roll banner…the list goes on! They were successful so they can keep up the good work (and adding that dashing shade) in our local area.

Making Waves
We gained our sea legs in September with Thames Clippers and their new partner MBNA. We implemented their new logo across various brand touchpoints, as well as evolving their guidelines to cover all the changes, which just goes to show that we don’t need to have designed the logo to apply it.

All Change!
TFL and Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) called for students to innovate bus travel for visually and hearing impaired people through their recently launched All Aboard Competition – you may have seen it on the 6 O’clock news!

The In Crowd
November we were in with the in crowd as EFGAM launched their In8 publication series. From the thought leadership approach of Invest to engaging and informative infographics that brought to life complex investment themes, we were involved throughout.

Words of Wisdom
Festivities have begun and some wise men (and women) at Croydon BID are encouraging party-goers to stay safe during the Christmas season with a range of posters and promotional items to 'Wise Up'!

These, along with many other projects, including lots of new exciting work on interiors, have been keeping us busy this year, which is why we 'love where we work' too. Plus there's a few wins we'll be talking to you about in January that we can't wait to get started!

We want to send a big thank you to all the clients and suppliers we've worked with in 2014 and look forward to developing these and new relationships in 2015! 

Words of Wisdom

Christmas is here (in case you hadn’t noticed) in all its merry mulled wine glory, and as spirits rise in Croydon, the Croydon Business Improvement District (BID), in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership, are keen to to remind merry Croydon-ites how to stay safe on a night out and avoid letting Christmas cost them more than they think.

In the last two years the area of Croydon has blossomed thanks to the successful initiatives from Croydon BID, and the Christmas party season is no different with the launch of the recent Wise Up! campaign aimed at keeping the city centre safe and enjoyable for all.
The campaign centres around five core themes to help keep the fun times flowing whilst staying safe and planning ahead. Together with Croydon BID we decided to use bold headlines that reflect the internal monologue we're all guilty of having (how many times have you uttered the phrase "what's the worst that can happen?!"), juxtaposed with images that show the negative side of each theme or phrase - A wandering hand in a bag, the wary journey home or the room looking a little fuzzy after leaving your drink out of sight.

The poster campaign (which will be in 75 poster sites across Croydon, as well as in pubs and clubs) acts as a quick, sharp wake up call to remember the basics whilst you're out to ensure the night stays festively fabulous and that you get home safely....whatever time that may be!

So if you're planning on heading out in Croydon, keep your eyes peeled for our posters and leaflets, but most importantly wise up and stay safe!

The posters ready to go out at Croydon BID HQ

The quote bank (aka our 2015 calendar!)

As you can imagine in a busy studio such as ours, many priceless gems come out during day to day discussions. They’re mostly the things we wish we hadn't said...or, more importantly, things we wish hadn't been heard, although until now they've never left the studio. As with any supportive environment we thought it was only best these little diamonds were recorded and immortalised in our 2015 calendar.

From mispronunciations to the downright non-sensical, these are all genuine comments from the team (although some members contribute more than others...). We hope you enjoy them and this little insight into our world.

Feel free to join in and share your moments of enlightenment on Twitter with #thequotebank or here, where you can also play the quote bank quiz! Your mission, should you choose to accept it' is to guess who uttered ten famous quotes, in three minutes. If you finish top of the quiz we'll send you one of the quote bank limited edition prints. Furthermore tell us your favourite famous phrase and our expert quote judges will be awarding the funniest with two vouchers for a one-day screen printing workshop, so you can print your own quotes. Click here to play the quote bank quiz!

The quote bank calendars are being shipped out now, a little early Christmas present from us, to see you through 2015. If you don’t receive one, fear not, just drop us an email and we will do our best to send one to you.

Here's a sneak peak of what's to come...