Wednesday, 30 September 2015

KP Snacks

We’ve just finished branding KP’s new head office, working alongside Tetris to transform an empty building shell and evolve KP’s interior graphics. Working to a tight timeframe, from brief to their move in was 3 months so we had our work cut out. Luckily we had a few snacks to keep us going!

The interior branding needed to balance their 22 strong, recognisable brands, parent company branding and internal brand materials. Through graphics such as pack illustrations, product icons, taglines and photography we helped to bring to life the KP brands, in particularly their 3 hero brands McCoys, Hula Hoops and KP Nuts. 

The graphics bring KP’s playful and light-hearted brand personalities to the space, whilst maintaining a more corporate, conservative feel in the more client facing areas to reflect their parent company Intersnack. We used key elements from the Intersnack branding, such as their lozenge shape and  linear graphic in a fresh way to link imagery, illustrations and the rooms themselves.

The timeline graphic is a key piece, spanning almost 9m wide across their high traffic collaborative area, using a mixture of photography, typography and icons to tell the story of KP.

Our graphics help to create an engaging environment that reflects the personality of KP, achieved through a mix of large format wall graphics, glass manifestations, posters and even bespoke wallpaper and name plates.

The team at KP have just moved in and are pleased with the result, but the road doesn't end there as we've just started talking about phase two!

"Moving KP Snacks HQ into brand new offices was an exciting opportunity to create a dynamic, modern and functional new office environment for colleagues and customers. We were looking for an agency that could bring the fun and uniqueness of our brands to life whilst also balancing the look and feel of our corporate ownership. tothepoint did a fantastic job of interpreting our brief – we were overrun with great ideas from a centrepiece WOW factor to small, personal details that create all the difference in making our new office feel uniquely KP. Charlie and the team were really on the ball; always in control, quick to respond and we built a trusting and collaborative relationship that really enabled us to get the best out of our new space. The results surpassed expectations and the whole project was a thoroughly enjoyable experience".
Claire Cooper, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager, KP Snacks

Photos by tothepoint and Philip Durrant

Fall for our roundup

Quote Bank Does Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching we have taken the opportunity to design another quote bank quiz. This time the focus is horror movies (for obvious reasons). So if you know your Saws from your Signs then have a crack. Up for grabs are 2 tickets to the London Bridge Experience to enjoy some proper frights. If you are a fan of our other quizzes they can still be found here
Web Harmony

We've just completed our first project with the guys over at Harmonic Capital Partners, a London based hedge fund manager. We designed their new website creating a fresh approach, with a revised colour palette and original photography. With a challenging timeframe of 6 weeks for two photo-shoots, and the design and build, the pressure was on. We worked in partnership with JPES, a strategic marketing, media and public relations company who wrote the site content, helping Harmonic to establish their tone of voice and convey their offer. Take a look at their new site here.

Ask and you shall receive

The London Underground Map, originally designed by Henry Beck, has become somewhat of an icon for the UK’s capital city however any hardened Londoner will also know the frustrations from it’s lack of geographical accuracy. Thanks to a Freedom of Information Request submitted by James Burbage the mythical Geographical London Connections map is available for everyone. Londoners rejoice!

A TV for looking at

The television is a staple in most homes (unless you’ve rejected the consumer life in favour of remote living) and over the years its design has shifted from being inspired by furniture through to the more “gadgety” TV’s we know today. Samsung and French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have decided it’s time to bring beautiful design back to televisions. The new Serif TV uses natural materials and aims to give the set as much beauty and consideration whether it’s on or off. The shift away from the “high tech” aesthetic towards more crafted pieces is something we’ve been incorporating for a while now, mostly in our workplace environments work, and are now seeing it becoming a wider trend.

UX what?

Whilst we believe a crafted aesthetic is becoming more prominent, this doesn’t mean digital is taking a back seat; we think it’s more a case of digital and non-digital reaching a more natural harmony i.e. digital being used when it’s the best solution, rather than as a way to appear “ahead of the curve".  However with digital design comes a whole new set of processes and roles set to baffle the world, from UX designer and Interaction/Motion Designer, and what an earth does a Front-End Developer do?! We’re here to tell you not to worry, it’s not as confusing as it sounds and part of our job is to make the whole process easy, so we prefer to leave the jargon at the door. However, if you do want to brush up on your lingo the guys at Fast Code Design have put together a handy cheat sheet that will help you separate your UI from your UX.

Freelance comedy

This next post is something we came across this week that made us chuckle, so we felt compelled to share. The first of a short comedy series about going freelance, it highlights a few of the struggles freelancers face, although we might also choose to start wearing a live/work robe...

Final Call

For those who aren’t aware the Serpentine Pavilion undergoes a playful transformation each year, from big red boxes to the original angular structure by Zaha Hadid in June 2000. This year's pavilion, designed by SelgasCano, is just as whacky, expect bright colours and overlapping, iridescent tubes. But be quick, as the last open day is 18th October.

Check it out!

Finally, the cat’s out of the bag and we can tell you all about our recent work with the Croydon BID. After months under lock and key the new consumer-facing brand, Check Out Croydon, has been set free.

If you frequent Croydon you may have noticed the Street Ambassadors wandering around (in their pink uniforms they’re quite hard to miss!), however you won’t have seen the Check Out Croydon website as it’s set for a soft launch this month, and aims to make it easy for visitors to find their way around everything that the town has to offer.

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that the Check Out Croydon name has been around since we first refreshed the Croydon BID brand and launched its new customer loyalty card. However, with the introduction of the Street Ambassadors and the requirement for a public facing website it was decided to build on the brand.

We used the strong magenta colour not only for its eye-catching nature, but also to tie it to Croydon BID’s Perception and Image pledge, which features the same colour. The original Check Out Logo has been simplified, giving it a more contemporary look but also making it easier to reproduce for the uniforms.

The website promotes various events, offers and businesses in the town centre. The split screen map and list view helps the user to browse around the town for inspiration, filtering it down to more specific options if needed and even being able to see what’s closest to them.

Built in Drupal, the website uses nifty bits of programming to combine bespoke map styling with the information Google Maps has available. Which is how users are able to locate themselves as well as see various businesses on the map.

From a digital guide around the town to a real life one, the Street Ambassadors are on hand to promote the website, and help visitors and business alike. Their uniforms were designed by yours truly and are completely bespoke. The designs followed a briefing from the Croydon BID in which they challenged us to create a less formal uniform compared with the standard three-piece suits and bowler hats the Welcome People Ambassadors wear elsewhere. We rose to the challenge and so far the uniforms have been well received.

The Ambassadors can currently be seen in and around the town centre, however the website is currently in the testing phase, and due to be launched soon, but get ready to check it out soon!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Rounding Up August

In it to win it

We mentioned the up and coming Charlie Hutton Hockey Festival on 5th September in our last enews, with its raffle and silent auction of epic proportions. Any fans of U2, Arsenal, Chelsea & Spurs, World Cup Rugby, Raymond Weil watches, Polo or a short break to Cornwall should certainly take a look at what’s on offer here and email a bid to before 6pm on 4th September. You can also see the raffle prizes on the same link and can purchase tickets at the event or email in past years, all proceeds will be going to the RNLI. 

Ferrolic Fluid Digital Wizardy

We do like to get out from time to time researching various innovative techniques. When it comes to display graphics and digital installations, there’s a lot of fun technology out there. We haven’t seen anything quite as amazing as Ferrolic’s fluid digital clocks in a long time.

Using ferric fluid in a glass frame, set on top of an array of ‘magnetic pixels’, this absolutely stunning display perfectly marries digital graphics with natural movement. The project is in early development stage, but we can’t wait to see what they do with it next.

End of days for Adobe Flash

Once the ‘saviour of the internet’ and now looking more like the dusty old TV in your Grandma’s living room, Adobe Flash has been ‘on the way out’ for quite some time. It now appears that its days are truly numbered. Google’s Chrome Browser will officially start ‘pausing’ flash content in September, forcing viewers to activate the content manually. Firefox has also started to block the flash plugin over security concerns and Amazon has banned flash advertising from its online ad platform see the story here.

So aside from the odd desktop app or game here and there, it seems that Flash’s Goose is finally cooked.

Don’t panic though. If you REALLY need to keep your dusty flash content online there are ways and means of converting it. Or a certain design agency could reboot your web offering with SEO friendly, engaging HTML5 content, proving that rich media online is more alive than ever before.

Heart Skipped a Beat

Ahead of the London Design Festival French artist Charles Pétillon has created a wonderful spectacle in the Covent Garden Market Building. The installation is called Heartbeat, 100,000 giant white balloons stretching over 52 meters gently pulse with a white light. The beating heart symbolises the history, energy and dynamism of Covent Garden. The installation runs until 27th September so still plenty of time to check it out, but make sure you go when it's a little darker as Katie (one of our Account Managers) tells us it's much more spectacular.

The Oné and Only

You may remember our branding work with Echo Brand Design back in 2013 for New Zealand start up Concept Cube. Well their initial project of producing New Zealand’s first 100% Blue Agave Tequila has been a resounding success. Renamed by the creative team as ONÉ, the packaging has won a gold award in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. What makes it even better is we have our very own bottle of this limited edition production run to sample! We would offer to share but it's only 1 of 450 and… well we don't want to.

Looking Forward

September has arrived, so here are a few design related things to look out for, courtesy of our friends over at Design Week. Also September will see Better Bankside host a Design Festival to celebrate all the creative agencies in the area with some studios opening up and taking guests! To find out more take a look here.

Ship shape branding

We often talk about the importance of strong branding, and ask if your materials are recognisable if you remove your logo. Take Apple for instance, remove their logo and you can still spot them at a hundred paces. As much as we might like to believe, it isn’t because they’re a mega-company who spare no expense with advertising, it’s because they have a clear and strong view of their brand and they ensure it’s consistent across everything.

This is a conversation we had recently with our client Union Maritime, a shipping company managing large vessels in Nigeria, when we started to work with them on a brand refresh and web redesign.

Establishing a strong brand isn’t something that happens overnight (if only life was that easy!), so the hard work is still going on. However a major project for building the brand was the website, as this was to be a major tool for them.

The team at Union Maritime wanted an easy to update, and relatively low-maintenance site, so we opted for Wordpress. The design of the site reinforces their branding through the strong use of their corporate colour palette, and using the blue and grey blocks from their logo to create different elements such as the tables on the fleet pages. Click here to see the website in all its glory.

During our journey with them we’ve also looked at their PowerPoint presentation and are currently working on their email signatures. So from here it should be plain sailing, the key is to maintain consistency.

A New Newsroom

We’ve worked with News UK family for a few years now, starting with the Newsprinters branding and quirky interior graphics, our personal favourite is the “never-ending” corridor, (any “sticklers for false advertising” out there should know it does actually end, but only after a whopping 200m!). To the branding and interiors for their new logistics division, News Logistics, right up to the interiors for the Technology and Operations teams on the 6th floor of the head offices in The Place (right next door to The Shard).

And this time we’ve been helping the News Logistics team on the Technology and Operations floor, as we were set the challenge of combining the News Logistics branding with the style set for the 6th floor, which uses lines and pixels to communicate the idea of individual teams that connect to form the bigger picture.

The end result effectively gives the News Logistics team their own personality without deviating from the floors style. We also used a product called Wall-a-Peel to make sure the vinyl can be removed easily if they ever need to be updated.

The team at News Logistics loves the final result, which of course makes us very happy indeed!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Rounding Up July

Big news!

We've recently started working with accountancy and payroll giants Sage in partnership with Tetris and JLL. In light of their recent brand evolution they've asked us to enhance and bring more of their brand personality to their working environment, starting with their Newcastle HQ.

The team at Sage are bringing the SME companies they work with, and the lifestyle aspect of their brand to the fore, so expect to see some exciting things from us over the coming months as the ideas bubble away! We've been immersing ourselves in their culture and their summit in New Orleans this week has been a great place to pick up some business tips ourselves. Opening talks with Deepak Chopra and Colin Powell were inspirational. If you can't wait to see what we come up with for their working environment, then head over to our website (here) to see some of the ways we've added personality to the offices of some of our other clients.

Thames Clippers

This month we've been continuing our work with MBNA Thames Clippers (see our previous work here), this time tackling their signage to simplify the information, evaluate the brand messaging and implement the new TFL Oyster system.

The new signage also needs to offer a cohesive solution from the docks to the ships (Clippers if you want to get technical) that lets people know where they can tap in and out, or use their travel cards on the MBNA Thames Clipper service. We've already done a few trips and supplied a report of our findings so things are underway. Working with Thames Clippers has reminded us that the river is such a nice way to travel, especially on a sunny day!

Hockey Festival raffle.

Every year Whitgift School host the Charlie Hutton Hockey Festival in remembrance of Simon and Gill's son Charlie, and to help raise money for the RNLI. It's not your average hockey festival, with a glittering raffle, a scrumptious hog roast and, our personal favourite, Old Boys vs. All Stars (some fit dads and a few England Celebs!).

Each year the raffle prizes get more epic and this year is no exception. There is also going to be a silent bid (Sh!). We are waiting to confirm details of two of the items but Sam Hutton is offering a 1 hour set at your party or an event in or around the M25 (to hear Sam's music click here).

More details on this and the raffle prizes to be won will soon be posted on the CHHF website here. The winners of the raffle and silent bid will be announced at the Hockey Festival prize giving.

If you'd like to donate a prize, buy raffle tickets or put in a silent bid then please email or call Simon (

This year the festival is on 5th September, starting at 10am with prizes announced at the end of the day, usually around 5pm.

Lady Bird exhibition

If you are feeling like a taste of nostalgia with a literary twist then the Lady Bird exhibition may be for you. Many of us still remember the brilliant illustrations bringing the stories to life and now the work of freelance illustrators responsible is on show for the world, and our younger team members to see/reminisce. The public program runs until mid September, so there's plenty of time to head down to the House of Illustration, check out the details here.

Slide to decide

Of course, we can't do an enews without mentioning the current exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, just a stones throw from TTP HQ. Carsten Holler: 'Decision' is the artists largest UK survey show to date, and it's more than just the slides you can see from the riverside.

Holler tries to turn our world upside-down and see the world from a new perspective, whether it is soaring above the traffic or on a pair of roaming robotic beds…! Our Account Manager Charlie paid the show a visit and gave it a pretty solid thumbs up, so we're all going to heed her advice to experience it ourselves and you should too! Full details here.


The combination of modern technology and materials nearly as old as time can often yield spectacular results. New York Studio Breakfast has created a screen for fashion brand Forever 21. However this screen has a bit of a twist, it uses over 6,000 spools of thread and over 200,000 moving parts to display Instagram pictures on the Forever 21 feed. The results are a wonder to behold.

To have a look at it in action click here. This reminds us of some work we had commissioned recently for a client using flip dots to display images, information or whatever you want really. The dots can even mirror someones actions in realtime using a camera. Take a look at some of the tests we conducted here (and yes it was as fun as it looks)! If you need us we will be trying to do the Thriller dance in front of the flip dots.

Have you heard…

How do you promote a business without shouting? Well, you create a whispering campaign of course, which is what we’ve been working on with Turley recently.

You may recognise Turley from our enews story on their full rebrand last year, if you can’t cast your mind back that far here’s a little refresher.

Planning specialists Turley have traditionally been modest about publicising their achievements, despite having plenty of things to shout about! Unlike most of their competitors Turley are known for their creative approach to the planning process, providing flexibility and above all having a team that people love to work with. They’re often known as ‘the industry’s best kept secret’.

After avoiding the limelight for so long, they decided it was time to quietly tell the world a little more about themselves. As well as deep experience, Turley’s personality is at the core of everything they do. A big, loud campaign would have fallen on deaf ears, so we created “Have you heard…” the world’s quietest campaign (although we still need World Record Breakers to confirm this fact).

“Have you heard…” gives Turley the flexibility to adapt the tag line depending on the topic. The first use has been to communicate the opening of their new office in Reading, but it could be used to let people know about projects, areas of the business or upcoming events, to name just a few.

The quirky line creates intrigue, and suggests latest news which can feed nicely into social media with #haveyouheard and #justheard. The overall conversational tone reflects that personal touch Turley have become famous for.

“After we decided to build the “Have you heard” campaign, TTP went away and came up with a number of visual concepts which we could go to market with. We’re really pleased with the initial results, and are looking forward to taking the concept further with new materials over the coming months.” 
Ben Walker, Marketing Manager at Turley

The right tone and content are key to being heard in the mass of daily communications, it’s not necessarily about shouting the loudest. Instead the focus should be on your personality and what your audience wants to hear. If campaigns or collateral don’t reflect your core brand, it will only leave your audience confused and wont achieve the results you want. If you’re loud, be loud and big, but if you’re more reserved, then that should follow through in your marketing. Whether you want to shout, sing, paint the town red or whisper, we’ll help you get to the point.