Wednesday, 31 October 2012

From print to pads

Following a creds presentation to Bechtel, the engineering, procurement and construction specialist, we’ve created an interactive iPad presentation of one of its existing printed marketing pieces to help improve its client presentations and better showcase its services to potential clients.

Creating an interactive PDF for the iPad is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways of creating a digital version of printed material. It’s quicker and more cost effective than creating a custom app and it can be used on other devices. The simple interactivity takes advantage of the iPad screen and touch interface, including ‘pinch to zoom’ on more complex items such as diagrams and plans. And of course, once it’s on the iPad, you don’t need a live Internet connection, so you can always rely on it at meetings/presentations even if there’s no wifi available.

The iPad presentation enabled Bechtel’s marketing department to see how new technology can improve its marketing collateral and was so well received that we’ve been recommended as a preferred design partner.

And talking of new technologies, we’re always exploring ways in which we can help our clients and we’ve recently discovered a neat little device which embeds LCD video screens into print.

Now, whilst some might well think of this as just a gimmick, it’s probably the lowest cost solution that combines screen and print and requires nothing of the end user (no Internet links, USB drives, CDs etc.). It works as soon as it’s opened, making it one of the most direct and guaranteed ways to get your video content, and message, across.

As there are loud speakers built in for audio or spoken content it’s a great way to feature ‘talking head’ discussions, Vox-pops, interviews, a corporate showreel or animation content.

Using video or animation is a great way of getting across your key message clearly, simply and quickly. If you don’t have this content, or need a hand to improve it, let us know and we can help you with the planning, design, filming or animation to create an engaging video.

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