Monday, 20 August 2012

Helping YahLive go live

view the finished site here:

New satellite broadcasting service YahLive needed a striking website to highlight its HD services to potential viewers and broadcasters across parts of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. The company was formed from a partnership between European satellite operator SES Astra and Abu Dhabi’s Yahsat and YahLive’s key USP is that everything it broadcasts is in full HD.

One of the initial problems we had to tackle was the two different audiences that the site was targeting – the general public looking to buy a new TV subscription and TV broadcasters who would use the service to launch new channels and programmes. Therefore, the design, imagery and tone needed to work across both audiences.

As such, the overall look and feel for the site had to be modern and colourful whilst being culturally and brand appropriate. The site needed to highlight the great content available from the new service, from Hollywood blockbusters to more localised sport and programming, as well as explain the more technical aspects of the service such as satellite coverage and equipment.

To achieve this, we created a fresh design for the site, using a dark grey background and a contrasting lime green from YahLive’s colour palette for navigation, along with large, bright images to highlight the HD offering.

We built the site using Sharepoint on YahLive’s specification as it had to be compatible with the company’s existing systems. This provided quite a challenge as Sharepoint can be a little less forgiving when used for external website.

We also ensured the system could be easily added to and maintained by YahLive’s marketing team so they could add images, copy and video in order to promote the latest content.

Here at TTP, we do enjoy a challenge and it’s been an interesting project for us to work on, increasing our understanding and experience of working with international teams and a good one to add to our growing website design portfolio.


blake said...

Lovely! I think you just nailed your idea of the best web design for the site - striking.

Ben Jackson said...

Thanks very much :)

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