Saturday, 18 August 2012

Adding a little extra Phys

The Physiological Society has been keeping us busy this month as we’ve designed and produced its 2011 Annual Report and the summer edition of its quarterly magazine, Physiological News, which keeps members up-to-date with The Society’s latest activities, news and offers views on current physiological issues. As physiology is the science of how different systems function in the body, we drew on this when refreshing the logo to create a contemporary interpretation of an ‘action potential’–the electrical impulse in a nerve cell.

We’ve been practising what we preach as each has its own distinct look and feel yet both reflect the brand evolution that we implemented for The Society last year. The core aspects of the rebrand was to ensure the refreshed identity was applied consistently across all materials as well as help The Society communicate as effectively as possible with a variety of audiences.

The annual report features strong branding with an eye-catching front cover design of a transparent silhouette of a running figure and showing the major organs and arteries within the body. The cool blue and grey colour palette and concise copy reflects the professional and matter-of-fact tone, whilst the imagery throughout references the human body's movements and the pull-outs and graphs reflect the design of the 'impulse' wave of the logo.

The latest edition of Physiology News, however, contains more in-depth copy and analysis along with more imagery of members of The Society to make it more personable for the members. The large amount of white space helps break up the text and give the magazine a light and airy feel.

Both magazines have been extremely well received by The Society’s members and external shareholders and are certainly playing a part in enabling The Society to communicate effectively with its different audiences. Jacob Lonsdale, Media and Communications Manager at The Society, had this to say:

"The new visual identity is modern, confident and alive. Similarly, the new Physiology News is a step change for us: it’s not just that the publication now makes a highly professional impression, but it’s actually something the reader will want to pick up – it’s exciting, enjoyable and, importantly, much more accessible. It’s been turned into a tool we can really use to engage with our audiences."

A job well done, then.

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