Tuesday, 31 January 2012

To infinity and beyond!

We've just won a four-way tender to produce the guidelines for the UK Space Agency, to help create a strong, recognisable brand, that has consistency and an authoritative voice.

Space is an essential part of all our everyday lives and one of the key enablers of the global economy. The UK Space Agency were looking for a design partner with whom to design and compile full brand guidelines, to ensure brand protection and create consistency across all of their materials, whilst at the same time enabling them to evoke more of a personality across their deliverables.

The guidelines will be versatile enough to work across a wide range of media and will meet the needs of their various individual audiences. As such, we will be developing and enhancing the existing interim guidelines, providing a toolkit that ensures communications are consistent, creative and engaging. We're really excited about getting started and this will be another science related identity project to add to our portfolio.

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