Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A TTP Partnership

Working in partnership with its clients, TTP combines the strengths of science, engineering and business development to bring new products to market. Having successfully tackled the sales presentation to communicate the key messages that differentiate TTP from its competitors, TTP now wanted to do the same externally and to a much wider audience through print advertising.

There was already an existing set of ads but these lacked clarity and branding, so the challenge was to create a suite of ads that were fresh and current, drew on TTP’s expertise in exploiting new technologies and which could be rolled out over a period of time.

So, we brainstormed a number of ideas to present to TTP, and then got to work developing the two chosen routes. We built on the look and feel that was established for the presenter, utilising the red blocks of the logo for brand continuity across both routes. One route features bold imagery of disruptive technologies with minimum copy, whilst the other features imagery that is more in the background with a bold typographic approach. This route also focuses on the idea of a ‘successful partnership’, which works across a business and recruitment perspective, as well as offering a direct link to the TTP brand.

TTP’s Dr Allan Carmichael was really pleased with our efforts, so a successful partnership indeed!

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