Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Park that problem

As the initial stages of a wider marketing campaign, ParkatmyHouse asked us to design a colourful and impactful flier targeting people living near transport hubs who have a driveway. The flier needed to raise awareness of the opportunity and cost benefits of renting out parking space through them.

The fliers were delivered last week and the results are being collated as we speak. The ParkatmyHouse team are monitoring website traffic and running analytics to measure the flier’s success. Once the results of this campaign are known, the flier will be adapted to ensure the most effective messaging is used on further mail drops in particular areas.

The ParkatmyHouse team have very kindly agreed to share the analytics with us, so we’ll let you know the results in a future e-news. In the meantime to find out more about the service, visit www.parkatmyhouse.com

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