Thursday, 27 September 2012

Designed to innovate

After winning a competitive pitch, we have been appointed to help the BBSRC create a new look and feel for their upcoming Fostering Innovation 2013 awards. This year's event will focus on the competitions that have been set up to support the bioeconomy innovation network. The event will recognise and reward the work of BBSRC supported scientists, who are delivering economic and/or social impact.

As well as the branding and venue dressing, we have been tasked with creating a range of promotional materials, a slideshow, invitations for the event and booklet to be handed out at the event for all attendees. We will also be looking at trophies for each of the winners.

The event will be held in late March 2013 at Altitude 360ยบ in Westminster, London. It will be attended by around 200 invited guests, from BBSRC’s end‐user community, policy‐makers, industry representatives, academia and the finalists.

BBSRC will continue its successful Innovator of the Year competition (now in its fifth year) and complement it with three other awards:
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Activation Impact
  • Excellence with Impact
An effective brand needed to be created, that demonstrates to stakeholders BBSRC’s joined up and strategic approach to fostering innovation from its investments, create a visual hook to help potential applicants find and apply for the awards and create a narrative hook for PR work around the awards.

It needed to present the multiple competitions as a coherent whole, providing a visual identity that works in printed and digital media, as well as effectively branding the awards’ event. So we evolved the logo from Innovator of the Year 2012, keeping the starburst, but moving it on, giving it a fresh, colourful and contemporary look. The colours from the main logo are then used to identify the 4 different awards, as well as the zones that will be used throughout the venue. These zones will also be dressed and branded, making it obvious that each area is different.

Rebecca Farncombe, Engagement Officer for the BBSRC said:
We are delighted to be working with To the Point. Their design and creativity has really helped us create the best brand for our competitions. Based on the work of the team so far, we are very much looking forward to working with them over the next 6 months and have every confidence that they will help us deliver a successful event in 2013.

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