Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Dragging politics into cool

I can't lie to you, I'm not the most politically intellectual account manager out there, but I do try and keep abreast of current issues the best I can. During the build up to the general election, the sometimes informative, rarely entertaining and generally repetitive leaders debates were earmarked as a key source of guidance in the build up to 'vote day'. But overall, the most memorable thing I took away from the Sky News coverage on 22nd April was some rather snazzy projection graphics shown on the Bristolian building after the big event was over. This technology is not a new phenomenon, but in my opinion, that didn't detract from the impactful nature of the medium. A series of video animations were shown, taking up the entire building in question, including a mix of logos, images, and culminating in the apparent destruction of the building itself. It certainly caught my attention.

Sky News Leaders Debate Projection News Final Edit from Projection Advertising on Vimeo.

Since then, tothepoint have been in talks with the company behind this often guerilla style marketing approach - Projection Advertising. The best way to get an idea of the potential scale achievable is to check out their site where you can be inspired by previous examples of their work. Our experience in animations lends itself perfectly to a partnership with such an agency - giving the client the opportunity to bring their brand to life on a huge scale.

Additional to the standard projection, there are interactive options including AdWall, AdTrace and AdFloor - a kind of animation which alters when you interrupt it. Clever stuff, which in it's simplicity, manages to really stand head, shoulders and sometimes literally metres above the standard competition of static large scale poster advertising.

Feel free to give us a call on 0207 378 6999 or email us to discuss how your brand could be at the cutting edge of experiential branding.

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