Thursday, 28 March 2013

An innovative environment

Having already updated the look and feel of the Fostering Innovation 2013 Awards for the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), the next stage was to create vibrant, stylish venue dressing, trophies and supporting printed material for the event at Altitude 360ยบ, on the top floor of Millbank Tower in London.

The Fostering Innovation Awards recognise and celebrate the innovative work of BBSRC supported scientists who are delivering economic and/or social impact. This year’s competition saw the introduction of a new award, Excellence with Impact, which joins the Innovator of the Year and Activating Impact Awards.

Our challenge was to implement the award branding across the event space, complementing the stylish location, creating an exciting, coherent look and feel and directing the people flow throughout the venue, from the initial visitor experience at the entrance to the three award areas on the 29th floor.

We split the floor space of Altitude 360 into four zones, one for each of the three awards and the fourth for the presentation area. We carried the yellow, vibrant pink and blue colours from the starburst logo across the award zones, giving each zone its own colour so they were immediately identifiable and offered visual intrigue for guests.

For each zone we created a large perspex triangle, vinyl wall lettering and graphics along with window borders in its allocated colour. Coloured lightbulbs completed the effect and provided a warm glow, especially effective as the evening approached. Coloured floor vinyls at the entrance and across the venue floor was the perfect wayfinding system for visitors, guiding them into the individual areas.

We also created supporting print and digital material for the event, including the invite, brochure cover, animated slideshows using the logo shape and colours shown on screens throughout the venue, and the three award trophies made from the respective coloured perspex.

The event was a real success and BBSRC was delighted with the look of the venue on the night.


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