Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Creating Cardano's conference messaging

Institutional investment firm Cardano approached us to create clear, engaging messaging and designs for its ‘Safety First’ conference of pension fund trustees, which was held at the Landmark Hotel in London at the beginning of July. The conference’s purpose was twofold: to communicate Cardano’s Safety First philosophy of helping pension fund trustees invest in a way which is designed to produce safer outcomes to both current and prospective clients and also to celebrate five years in the UK.

The concept needed to be unique to Cardano UK, in keeping with its focus on innovation, communicate the company’s core principles through clever, but simple messaging and work across both printed and digital formats, as invites, badges, a presentation showreel and animated graphics.

We came up with an inventive concept, creating a ‘V’ that represented the five years and which also becomes the ‘A’ in Safety’. On the printed invites the ‘V’ was die cut on the front cover, which then opened up into the ‘Safety First’ messaging and conference agenda, offering a clever and engaging way of highlighting both messages simultaneously. We used a simple colour palette of deep green and sand alongside a design that was both classic and modern, therefore reflecting and evolving the Cardano brand.

Working with Cardano we also created a number of playful and pithy statements to highlight different elements of Cardano’s ’Safety First’ message, which were used as screen savers throughout the conference.

Finally, to complement the printed and digital conference materials, we designed and built a simple microsite for the conference. This reinforced the core messaging and included the conference agenda, speaker biographies, location information and a brief company overview. The site was deliberately designed so that it can easily be adapted for future events.

We provided Cardano with a graphic toolkit, communicating the benefits it provides trustees through clear copywriting and defining its core messaging which helped contribute to the overall success of the conference.

The event is now over and although the site we created is now offline, you can view it here.

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