Friday, 30 March 2012

When it simply ASDA happen

As St Martin's Quarter was a live construction site, we couldn't enter until works were complete, so we worked within a tight deadline to produce an additional set of hoardings and window coverings across the site in time for ASDA's grand opening.

We had already created a number of modular system hoardings for the development, which were designed to be moved from one stage to the next once work was complete. However, in the run up to the completion of the ASDA site, further work had been carried out on site, meaning additional hoardings were required in a very short space of time.

So, it was all hands on deck as our hoardings guru Glenn had to recce the site and obtain measurements and then it was over to the team back at base to design and layout the visuals and supply all the artwork in time for production and installation.

Altogether, we produced 150 modular panels and 13 window coverings, featuring the development’s branding, charcoal grey and lime green colour palette and lifestyle imagery to communicate the benefits of the development to the local community.

Both the hoardings and window coverings were delivered on time and the opening of ASDA on 26 March was a great success. The fantastic feedback we’ve had from the client made the tight turnaround worthwhile, and Carillion Richardsons’ project manager had this to say to all the collaborators on the scheme:

“My congratulations to you all as a team for your part in ensuring that the opening of the ASDA store on Monday was a success. I would also like to thank you all for the hard work, effort and long hours that you have all put into the project recently to make this happen.”

As St Martin’s Quarter is an ongoing project for us - having been involved in the name generation and branding for the development - the site visit also gave us the chance to see the first stage installations of signage and banners in situ that we had previously designed.

The opening of ASDA marks the completion of the first phase of the development with the second stage due to begin any day. So, watch this space for another update as we’ll also be supplying hoardings and signage for the retail and commercial units.

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