Monday, 31 October 2011

Pevara - The measure of success

Pevara is a dedicated online system for financial experts - created by Efront (you can read their official press release here). It's designed specifically to provide performance and benchmarking solutions to support Limited Partners investing in private equity. It enables investors to monitor their portfolio’s performance, measure fund investments and evaluate new investment opportunities.

Having been briefed on the project, our first task was to find a name for the new service. It needed to be both unique and memorable (globally, across multiple languages) and more importantly, it needed to be available as a .com domain. After plenty of brainstorming (and constant domain availability checks) we came up with ‘Pevara’ - taking the ‘pe’ from the private equity whilst ‘vara’ is an old Spanish term for measurement – which aligned perfectly with the purpose of the site.

We were also asked to help create the overall look and feel of the software system itself to this end, we worked closely with the eFront team aswell as UI specialists in the States and the development team in Paris. As the purpose of Pevara is to improve operational efficiency for its users, ease of use of the programme and the website was paramount. The structural design needed to support this and provide simple, intuitive navigation.

Once this was underway, we then worked closely with the client, our recommended copywriter and an SEO specialist company 4Ps Marketing to plan and create the main website and make sure it did well in both natural and paid search. This involved planning the site structure and creating multiple wireframes of the site before moving on to create the main template designs. The site is essentially a marketing and promotional tool and so must grab its users’ attention, quickly imparting the key information (as well as event news) whilst establishing the overall Pevara brand. Once our template designs had been approved, we worked with our developer to create the CMS and website content.

Ben Jackson who created the site design, adds: "The project was a great one to be involved with and adds to our growing digital media portfolio. The name and overall brand is both modern and eye-catching and works really well across a variety of media - from the software itself to the website, stationary and even PowerPoint templates. We focused on making sure that right from the homepage, users are aware of the main benefits the system without bombarding them with too much detailed information. The Pevara team will be promoting their service world-wide with the first event kicking off tomorrow in New York. They've had a lot of people registering via the website, so it's obviously doing something right!"

You can view the website here:

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