Friday, 30 September 2011

And now for some culture

Maryann Maguire, Cultural and Political Advisor at InterCultures first got in touch with us back in March this year, asking us to brainstorm a number of logo options for the new company brand identity and website. We created several creative routes for her to mull over.

InterCultures was established to assist private sector companies in understanding and engaging with political institutions and local populations in post-conflict environments; especially to address the need to better map the cultural, political and development environments in emerging markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The company works for a small number of select clients, acting on their specific requirements, with community engagement, partnership and sustainable development as core operational values. They also work with public service clients, including various police forces, to help them better understand culturally diverse communities and how to communicate with them given sensitive issues such as religion or customs.

So, whilst on her work travels around the world over the last few months (including that well known tourist spot, Libya), Maryann asked a number of people for their thoughts on which logo option she should choose. A decision finally made, the minute she touched back down onto home soil, Maryann called us and it was all systems go.

Our challenge was then to finalise the logo and create a holding page that could help her start to convey the open, engaging and professional ethos of the company.

The logo comprises an informal circle, representing the world and people, and consists of four different coloured ribbons – red, orange, green and yellow – which also represent the four key messages of InterCultures: Map, Understand, Enable and Communicate.

“It was hard to find a team of designers who were creative and imaginative and who got the concept behind InterCultures", says Maryann. "The tothepoint team were not only enthusiastic, their initial work captured the spirit of what we do, which is about better understanding, bridging differences and finding better ways to communicate”.

Mark Stevens, our designer and man of the moment, says: “Given InterCultures’ wide remit and approach of utilising community partnerships and sustainable development, it was essential that we conveyed this ethos within the logo design. This holistic approach is reflected in the circular shape and bright colours of the logo, which convey the positivity of the company as well as representing its four key concepts.”

We’ll be helping Maryann develop the brand identity, including the website and stationery, so watch this space for an update on both our and her progress.

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