Thursday, 30 June 2011

Worcester source

We have recently completed the name generation and branding for a new shopping destination in the heart of Worcester. The development called St Martin’s Quarter is a joint venture between Carillion and Richardsons Capital LLP, and is our first project for them. The scheme will be offering the city, new, large floorplate, food and retail units that previously have not been catered for in the small traditional shops on the High Street.

The chosen identity, designed by our senior designer Nikki Saunders, is based around a rare, local variety of pear (known as the Worcester Black Pear). Sourced from its appearance on the city’s coat of arms, it perfectly combines the city’s tradition and heritage with the freshness and modernity that the scheme will bring to the city. The colour palette of charcoal grey and lime green underpins this and will help the scheme transform a previously run down area of the city into a thriving destination.

It was important to us and the client that the brand not only has the flexibility of translating across the immediate deliverables such as signage, leasing brochures and hoardings but to more abstract interpretations, with potential for the brand to be used for public art and commissioned sculptures. We liked the idea that the brand would translate into a three-dimensional experience that the public would interact with and that becomes a talking point for the community. Shown below are our initial ideas for a metal Pear Tree structure occupying centre stage on the pedestrianised public space and large commissioned metal gates at the entrance of the scheme that comprise of pattern repeats of the logo.

The scheme will occupy what was previously an old industrial site which is of historic value and now a conservation area. A few of the existing buildings will be retained and restored such as the Old Infirmary, Counting House and New Filling Shed, and these will sit alongside the new development which is due to open next year.

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