Thursday, 28 April 2011

Preserving trust...

The signs of recovery are clearly here. The new clients we are currently working with are innovative, driven and hunting out the opportunities that exist in the changing landscape of their local, and global, economy. We've had a lean couple of years and seen private sector work drop off while public sector continued and then the recent reversal as private sector picks up and public sector halted slightly more  immediately than expected!

However, with our broad spread of sectors, and balanced split between public and private sector work, we have come through these tough times stronger and in a position to still offer the breadth and depth of experience that is essential to help drive the visions of these new businesses forward. Whether it's helping in-house teams set up systems and templates using Microsoft Office to communicate consistently and on brand, helping businesses evolve through accessible change management programmes or naming and creating new identities and branding for start-ups, our skill sets are again being challenged and enjoyed by our clients.

With the naming exercises we've undertaken recently, the unsuccessful search for related URLs demonstrates why so many companies are opting for made up or mis-spelt names. But the name is an integral part of the brand so a little more lateral thinking relating to meaning and how the name might be developed as an identity helps create a stronger more effective brand. 

This month, we looked at two new business wins that are capitalising on changes and requirements within their environments. Both early stage but already the feedback that design is helping them to differentiate and raise awareness of their services is great. Efront started with the naming exercise that has worked on both the meaning front and from a visual perspective with the 'Pevara' solution. But beyond naming, the fact that we challenged both companies preconceived ideas, can look at their vision and requirements objectively and that they listen and adapt, is testament to the preservation of partnership relationships built on trust.  Long may this continue. Feedback from our contact at Alpheus sums it up nicely - thanks Robert:
 “Working with TTP has been a refreshing change from other deign agencies with whom we have worked in the past.  TTP are more inclined to spend time understanding and challenging our ideas and assumptions by getting under the skin of what is important to our business.  Simply re-hashing old ideas is not an option, but thinking laterally and understanding the big picture is second nature.  This process has allowed us to, collectively, reach the desired goal, and, as such, we have already recommended them to our customers!”
You can find out more about FLOW:Coherence from Alpheus here:

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