Saturday, 11 July 2009

time and change

Today saw the launch of our new website. This is not just an update but is a complete rebrand that is the culmination of hours of discussion, debate, tension and persuasion. The persuasion being the majority trying to persuade a minority of one that it was time for change. Change is a difficult thing when there is 'history' and 'investment' but you do have to listen and although the change may be slower than some may want it does eventually happen. The balance of knowledge and experience with that of youth and flare is a catalyst for effective change rather than change for changes sake. It's not until it reaches these final stages that you can look back, compare and realise that this was so right. Not just the creative and timing but all the positives that have come out of it. The team spirit, the motivation, the drive and determination to create a consistent brand image that reflects our passion and belief in simplicity and good design.

It wont stop here. We have set ourselves a task to experiment, develop and evolve our brand. We want to embrace new technologies and methods of communication, especially the social networking revolution. We need to understand this so we can help our clients and friends to use it to its full potential. This is a challenge in itself as time as usual will be our enemy. Twitter, Flickr, Blogs, Myspace, Facebook, Linked-in et al - how does anyone have the time to keep these up to date with content thats useful or relevant, or infact read and keep up to date with all that's going on! It's difficult enough for us to write a blog once a month let alone once a week or daily.The opportunities are exciting and the benefits real but this is another area of change that needs the steady hand of experience and knowledge to help extract the true value that can be gained from these new forms of communication. The one constant for us will be our core principal - it should be clear concise communication.

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